2018 SELCAT Top Outs

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2018 was a great year for many apprentices completing our program at SELCAT. We had a total of 75 individuals who became Journeyman from our Overhead, Substation or Underground programs. We wish each of these individuals a long, successful and safe career in the Power Line Industry. Congratulations to each of you!!


Journeyman Lineman Top Outs

* Jonathan Austin               * Terrence Benton               * Andrew Welden

*Michael Butler                    * Timothy Kessler               * Michael Lunsford

* John Wells                         * Thomas Buchholz             * Yusmely Benitez-Ramos

* Austin Robinson              * Rabun Adams                   * Austin Dickerson

* William Lamb                     * William Landrum               * Brandon Miller

* Taylor Nelson                   * Charles Ramsey                * Aaron Farrow

* Stephen Climer Jr.             * Casey Durham                   * Jesse Harlow

* David McCormick             * Gregory Wilson                * Nicolas Pfendler

* Spencer Massengale        * Keith Essert                       * Cody Graves

* Hunter Green                     * Patrick Luckhart                * Robert Stoneburner

* Anthony Yother               * John Ricciardo                  * Joshua Gaskin

* James Brooks                    * Joshua Copen                   * Brian Fender

* Jonathan Higginbotham * Jonathan Smith                 * Matthew Smith

* Leslie Nipper                     * Jimmy Sapp                        * Jamie Beck

* Jacob Stover                      * Morgan Sutton                 * Brian Walker

* Daniel Schirmer                 * Charles Sharp                    * Moneleto Jones

* Charles Crain                     * Grant Rawlins                    * Jeremy Davis

* Zachary Carman                * Andre Godfrey                  * Nathan Boyett

* Jerry Jennings                   * Andrew Thomas               * Matthew Dekorver

* Gregory Race                     * Randall O’Steen                * Bryan Long

* Isaac Goins                                    * Victor Cooley                    * Alexander Huskey

* Randall Carcamo               * Aaron Hopkins






Journeyman Substation Top Outs

* Larphefela Collins             * Terrance Thompson                     * Jordan Bennett

* Christopher Williams       * Cory Batson                                  * Christopher Hollis

* Harold Dolan                     * Robert Dear



Journeyman Underground Top Outs

* Hilton Coleman Jr.                        * Don Sutherland

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  1. Eldonvisee says:

    I m currently a Selcat apprentice, and I signed the books to be a ground man after my interview. Depending on how full the books are it can take a while to get out on the job. So don t quit your regular job it you have one. It is beneficial to be a ground man first while you wait so you have an idea of what s going on and you can learn a lot in that time while waiting for Selcat to place you somewhere. sadly if you were a groundman before your interview you probably would have scored higher and been placed faster. However Selcat is placing apprentices alot faster now then when I was getting in it.

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